Https:// website is blocking Tor IP and violating EU net neutrality law

Its somewhat ironic, but Meshtastic website is blocking access when trying to access it from the tor network. The access is timing out. Thats even the most unfriendly way of blocking the access to a website.
I have done few different tests with different devices and none of those could access

The ironic part of this is, that the project would like to make a privacy enhanced network and in the same time its blocking privacy.

This is also a violation of the EU net neutrality law. Blocking access to people who use a specific operating system on their conputer (Tails OS) is not allowed.
Blocking access to people who use a specific webbrowser (tor browser) on their computer is not allowed (with technical exceptions like for example fully outdated browser from for example 1995 or something like that).

Maybe your browser settings?
I have no trouble here with VPN and/or Tor.