How mesh works?

Hello, I am trying to check how the mesh works within meshtastic, and I want to know how it works, I have three devices and they are in these channels:
Node 1 and 2: HFCannel
Node 2 and 3: HFCannel2
Node 2: HFCannel and HFCannel2
As you can see, node 2 is on two channels, the primary being HFCannel2.
So, when sending a message from node 2, can the message be replicated to node 1 or not? If so, what do I have to configure inside node 2 to do this? I urgently need the answer since I am doing a project about it and I wanted to check this.

Watch this video, it’ll explain things:

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Thanks for the info!
Sorry, but I have another question, is it worth to do a latency test with the current firmware? that is, it is possible to do it and if that is how I can do it, I have version 1.2.65

Yeah f you are on android you can check the debug log and see the data from the mesh, on iOS there is a mesh log at the bottom of the settings view

the rxtime in the debug log?