How are the B&Q Nano and Station hardware series panning out?

I am interested in finally getting into Meshtastic and I see that B&Q has produced some really nice radios. I’m considering buying two nano G2 Ultra’s and one Station G1 to do some testing with. But before I take the leap I wanted to make sure these radios are panning out to be quality units with good reliability. What have others noticed about these units? Are they worth the expense, or will the become a headache to get working correctly?


As the designer of these two devices, I think you can join Meshtastic’s discord and use “Nano G2” and “Station G1” as keywords to see other users’ experiences. I think the vast majority of users’ experiences have been positive:)


I have the Nano G2 Ultra and have nothing but good things to say about it and the manufacturer. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone say something negative about them. They’re great devices!

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Yes they do get excellent reviews unfortunately you cannot buy them for shipping to the UK!

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Indeed, I have been looking for a logistics company that can handle British VAT, but there has been no progress so far. Even for the whole Europe, only a few countries are supported by the current logistics company. :sweat_smile:

Thank you. I was hoping to keep my first purchases a little less expensive, but I far prefer the build quality of the B&Q hardware over the the cheaper stuff. I also like that the entire device is pretty much self contained in what appears to be a solid housing.

I see that Neil suggested joining the discord server. Is this forum no longer as active? Why is discord a better platform than this forum?


It’s still active here, but discord is even more active since discord has more “advanced” features. :grinning:

The discord is way more active, much of the info here is really outdated.

Great. Thanks. I’ll join the Discord server then.

Hi Neil. Can I run the Station 2 just on a USB C power cord? Is there any examples of cases for the Station 2 to go inside for outdoor use?

Station G2 only needs to use a Type C PD 15V protocol charger to work normally. Most of the 65W and above Type C adapters on the market can power Station G2 normally.

For more Station G2 use cases, you can join the Meshtastic official Discord and search using the keyword G2. A lot of users have shared their very creative installations :slight_smile: