Here's a v1 case design for the RAK815

Hi all. I’ve got a couple of RAK815’s at home and was getting tired of having them all out and about so I put together a v1 of a case. You can take a look here:

I added some details in the summary section on thingiverse, but it’s far from perfect. The 4th corner doesn’t have a great way to latch so it’s just kinda flapping out there. I think it’s pretty much fine, but if someone want to propose a better way to affix it, I’m game. There’s also not exposed headers for j-link/debug and there’s no good way to see the on-board LED lights. Most notably, you also have to remove the OLED from the RAK815 as shipped, and mount it inside the case first, before you insert the board. The stand-offs that come with the board are stupid.

But the little button posts engage the on-board buttons really nicely, and the screen (once mounted) looks really nice.

If anyone could use a case and buttons but doesn’t have a 3d printer, feel free to DM me and we can probably work something out. Especially with the little button pins. You basically need a resin printer to get buttons that small. Hopefully y’all find this useful!

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Really nice board, case looks good :grinning: