Help with Tbeam

Hi there, i just purchased a TBeam v1.2 from Passionradio it is a 868/915 Tbeam and i found out later that in Romania, where i live, people are using 433mhz. I can’t seem to connect to receive or transmit a single bit of data not in EU 433 nor in EU 868 bands. I reflashed the damn thing 3 times with different software builds from 15 to 19 but the rwsult is the same. Can anyone help please?

If it’s a 915 MHz model, it can’t use 868 or 433 MHz.

On the lora module it says 868/915 mhz. On the store where i bought it from, it was advertised as being 868.

Yes, it will work on 868MHz, but if there’s no other node in range, it tries to transmit, but you will not receive anything.

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