Help regarding hardware

I wanted to know what the difference between Lilygo TTGO T-Beam and Lilygo TTGO Lora, is exactly. Is one newer/better than the other? I want to buy the newest with the most features.

Another question I had is about frequency, according to this website, Bahrain has a frequency plan of EU863-870. Does this mean I will have to purchase the 868Mhz model?

Thank you for reading and any help would be much appreciated!

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Lora is smaller, cheaper but has no GPS (and you need to figure out a lipo battery for it).

T-Beam has GPS and 18650 battery holder, some versions have the improved SX1262.

T-Echo would be the “newest with the most features” from Lilygo, based on BLE 5.0 nRF52 chip (no WiFi), comes ready-to-go with e-ink display, battery & case but is still a work in progress.

It really depends on your needs, for in depth feature list: Overview | Meshtastic