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Hi, I’m the developer of FreeTakServer a Open Source server connecting ATAK clients (see
we plan to run a micro version of our server on the phone, as an “adapter” to connect ATAK to different devices.
All I would need is the ability to query the device, ideally using python.
How can I do it?

Hi K0rv0,

I’m moving your post to a new thread to keep things organized. :wink:

We currently have a minimally documented Android API to let android apps talk to the radios (this is the API our app frontend uses). We also have a minimally documented bluetooth API that you could use directly. The device API is designed so we can eventually expose it over the serial(USB) port or UDP easily (so more than just the current BLE transport).

One of the things on our wishlist is to make a thin python client API “wrapper” for that device API and provide that via PyPi. Can you elaborate a bit more on your platform and use-case. Do you run on windows, linux, os-x, or android?


FreeTakServer (FTS) runs on Python,

so we can run it withing the phone to connect to LORA devices or on the server to connect to clients.
To use meshtasatic, we would need a Python API like Gotenna

to test FTS without installing it:


very interess project … if this work smooth, in the future, i’will love it …