Mesh Networks and TAKServer

Hi there! I’m brand new to Meshtastic, but am an IT Engineer and HAM so please don’t spare the technical details.

I’m looking to employ a number of mobile devices running ATAK leveraging Meshtastic for off-grid connectivity. I also plan to have a “base camp” static site in the field where we will manage these mobile users using TAKServer on a WLAN. From my research, it should be easy to have a device at the base camp be connected to the mesh network and wi-fi simultaneously and feed messages TO a TAKServer, but it seems that the capability is only one-way and it is not possible to send messages FROM TAKServer on the WLAN to the mesh-connected devices? Is this accurate? There is also the possibility of needing to interoperate with other users with devices on separate mesh networks (ie. GoTenna, etc.) and that would obviously necessitate TAKServer.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide!

This is relevant to my interest…In to see how this shakes out!

Oh and welcome XD229

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