Enhancement request: debug panel message filtering

The debug panel is very useful when looking at raw packet info, but it can be a bit of ‘drinking from the firehose’. Would it be possible to add a selection filter to the display? I’m imagining something with checkboxes for the various message types: packet, ConfigComplete, NodeInfo, RadioConfig, MyNodeInfo, and perhaps even others that I haven’t seen. (bonus points if the ‘packet’ messages could be filtered by sender or receiver)

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@lgx seems to have at least initially coded the debug panel.

See this thread: Android Debug Mode - Please add? - Meshtastic

I am testing different antennas an have been using the debug panel. But only a few packets include the rx_snr.

@geeksville @mc-hamster Any chance next time you are coding in the relevant area you can at least add rx_snr to the ack packets?

If it isn’t too much trouble I’d really like to see rx_snr for all the packets and maybe a link budget % so it is easy to tell at a glance how good or marginal the reception was.

It would also be really nice if we can append the node names to the node ids in the from/to fields.

I am working on adding filters for the debug in the GUI I am writing. It is in alpha atm but it is a cross-platform python based GUI that will be able to set settings and interact with the radio. I am testing custom settings and the debug is the only way to even see them so I feel ya.


Is this “topic” still a thing? Or has another solution been implemented?

otherwise, instead of filtering on the smartphone, is there a way to export those data to the computer? Can’t find the location of the logfiles on my phone…

From there I should be able to structure the file in a way to allow simple filtering :slight_smile:

Thanks. Geetings.

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great idea. you can submit a feature request here: Issues · meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android · GitHub