Easy to port to Seeeduino Xiao?

Before I go any further…I’m completely illiterate whan it comes to Python (or indeed any programming) but wondered if anyone had got meshtastic to work on a Seeeduino Xiao (SAMD21)…or would it be relatively easy to port?
The Xiao is on a ‘Droplet’ board that comes ready ro accept the rfm95, so I have two of these boards with the lora. Is the xiao suitable? Their original purpose was as a tracker (adding gps) and view on the web via a gateway. tia

No, it’s not currently supported and considering the flash size it most likely won’t be.

Xiao’s are great boards for other stuff though, I just finished a project with their rp2040 variant.

Thanks, the flash size is all I really needed to know to abandon the idea. I’ll look at using them somewhere else. Going to conclude some range tests with t-beams/lora32’s and then buy in a couple of RAK starter kits for mountain repeaters.

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