Lolin32 Lite + E22-400M30S help to eat

I apologize for my English and naive questions, but I hope for your help.
A few months later I received 3 Lolin32 Lite and E22-400M30S modules and hoped to build 3 retrons with good tuned antennas.
and when these modules came to me I found the wiring diagram and found that Lolin32 Lite does not have gpio21 / sda.
based on the diagrams, I cannot connect them, but maybe there is another way?
I don’t want to wait so long
Thanks a lot in advance

hello skyde and welcome!
The schematic and the board layout you’ve posted are not from the same product. The schematic above is a TTGO T-Koala based on a WROVER-B (since it states ‘type C’ USB, in opposition to the cheaper WROOM32 which would already be okay) - but I think you’ve got the Lolin32 Lite which I thought is not for sale anymore.
But with your E22’s they could make a nice combination.
Only, this would mean you need to build the Meshtastic firmware from PlatformIO because I don’t know of any actual ESP32 + SX1262/SX1268 combination yet as a Meshtastic defined hardware type. Also, a redefinition of the I2C pins would be required for your particular board, as GPIO21 is not broken out on Lolin32 Lite.
Maybe I could help you out, because I’m trying to get such a combination working in PlatformIO, but with my very limited skills it could take some time. I’ll let you know!

I will be very grateful to you, because my knowledge in this area is very small. it all looks to me like trying to translate Japanese using a paper word without understanding the concept)

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