Different frequency settings & rx / tx split mode for repeater

Hi there,
I would like to get some advice from developers how to change working frequency and set different frequency for tx and rx without Critical Errors.

I have forked branch to which I regulary merge upstream but since last versions (actually .30 I think) there is issue with Critical Erros in console and it stops further transmitting. I did some experiments with common radioamateur UHF repeater to extend range and there I have own function in SX1262Interface.cpp after

startReceive(); // restart receiving

which sets back splitted frequency for rx.

Any advice how to simply disable this “control” feature? Something like commenting out “error.h”? I read a lot of code but not much experience so I am asking.

This is pain:

if (res == ERR_NONE)
res = lora.setDio2AsRfSwitch(false);

Any advice?

Thank you!

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