Design guideline & logo

I really like the project, I am a fan of electronics, web design, arduino and coding but I am not prepared enough to contribute to the core part.
I think I can help with the design & logo and graphics in general.
As @geeksville suggested me I open this thread to ask what do you think about having a new look of the project.
I thinking, coming to release more than 1.0.0, that would be nice that the project has its own logo and didn’t use a standard icon and have a more clear design guideline ( this will help to fix a color the palette, the font and the icons in the app (for example at the moment the app use the BT icon for the push notification).

It has to be:

  • easy to reproduce big or small
  • suitable to be use as “one color” (for any one color display)
  • suitable to be center in a circle or in a rounded rectangular (app and similar)
  • nice!
  • suggest meshness or the name of the project

here 5 ideas (with short descriptions):

  1. 2 antennas with waves that shapes like and “M”
  2. 3 nodes with hops that sound like an “M”
  3. and M with a suggestion of a T in the back as MeshTastic
  4. similar to n.2 more bold and a little less “already seen mesh style”
  5. easy, and M with omni waves

(they are not ordered by my preference :upside_down_face:)
I do not reject the idea of thinking about additional proposals.

I’ve used the Poppins font, ref. here, and here on github.
It has a very wide family of dimensions.

Regarding colors now the project use a green, black and some violet in the app, in the ideas I’ve put some options for a easy palette (plus the black/mono-color):


Thanks for sharing your thought regarding the idea of changing the logo and on all the other proposals.


ooh I prefer one of those but I’ll wait to hear from others to prevent tainting comments :wink:

I like the second group, the bottom one. The 4th group looks like something if you know what I mean :slight_smile: lol


I also Like the third group but when you spell out Meshtastic the Symbol should replace the “M”
That would look sharp. Also color wise the bottom example of each group has the most appealing color scheme IMO.

I like this one …

Hi, nice Logos, but if this project is for outside activists, in my opinion should this kind of sport get a touch in the logo. this give for potentiell users what love stay outside more idenfication with this project.

but is only how i‘think.

Thanks for the feedback.
I wait some more before make a recap!

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the idea of ​​changing the icon of the project is not bad … The icons proposed in my opinion do not seem to represent so much meshtastic itself
(Version 1 approaches but is not unique.)

(Version 2 looks like an icon from a music app)

(Version 3 looks like an M like those used for the construction of roofs, or those used for car workshops)

(Version 4 looks like the classic icon used in plumbing for water taps)

(Version 5 looks like the one used to shoot in the polygon, the circle looks like the one to mark the points …)

This is my opinion of course … for others it might be fine … I will also present an icon if no one is offended :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:,
I will work tonight

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Nice idea to have an icon. I like to use the available icons from the mdi collections

I find a few for z-wave and zigbee, but no one has submitted a lora symbol/icon

… here is someone’s opportunity.


Hi, probably better to have a poll, thanks @satkiwii for the suggestion.

New Logo
  • v1 - 2 antennas with waves that shapes like and “M”
  • v2 - 3 nodes with hops that sound like an “M”
  • v3 - and M with a suggestion of a T in the back as MeshTastic
  • v4 - similar to n.2 more bold and a little less “already seen mesh style”
  • v5 - easy, and M with omni waves

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@TitanTronics I’m happy to add your proposition.

Cool! Here is my feedback:

  1. I see the idea and like how the two antennas form the whitespace of an M. With a few modifications that make it look less like a Music/Radio app this could work. Maybe also ditch the black circle and not invert it, so it stands freely.

  2. The first association to me is a stethoscope. Also here: with a few modifications to make it look less like that it can be a good fit. This one has the strongest aesthetic form right now.

  3. Too massive and bold. Could be a good fit for a building company.

  4. I don’t get it 100% visually. The cutoff right shape is irritating to the eye.

  5. Simple, maybe too simple for a niche project. Can’t go really wrong with this though. But also risks nothing.
    I’ve made a similar app icon for the iOS app I’m working on:

I finally finished making the meshtastic icon :grin:
I hope @geeksville like it :wink:

  1. In the icon I put the “M” with waves to symbolize meshtastic and radio waves
  2. I put the mesh network symbol
  3. I put the radio waves over the “M” to symbolize Lora network
    All things that characterize meshtastic well

I hope this modern and more unique icon becomes the real icon of meshtastic
I will provide various sizes in svg format for you to use in meshtastic project and web page, i will also provide bitmap format for use the icon when you turn on the radio.

Now it’s up to you to appreciate my work by making the icon the symbol of meshtastic :grin:

MESHTASTIC FINAL IMG_20210101_232421 Meshtastic

If you have new ideas feel free to write below the requests about the changes to be made :slight_smile:

How does this scale to smaller sizes? Specially thinking about the size for the favicon.



I will test it tomorrow, so i see how it comes out :wink:
Thanks for the tip @mc-hamster
Maybe I’ll make some changes

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Nice, maybe but there also a smal campfire … !!! This will show for what it is! Stay Outside and have fun with communication!!! the logo is very technical, remember why and for what was this project start. in my opinion this should be present in the logo. but is only how i think.

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Let me more explain what i’means, the most poeple dont know what is a MeshNetwork, and in the moment, the most of us are Nerd‘s (sorry, haha) and there mutch more what dont know the B.A.T.M.A.N protocol. the logo should be represent the great idea behind … Nature, Encrypted Communication and of course the MeshNet what bring all this poeple together. so a person without technical background can himself identify with it.

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Thanks @TitanTronics for your idea.
I hope you don’t offend but I don’t like it.

I try to explain my concern more than a personal taste.

Too many elements all toghether without geometrics rules. Very hard to reproduce it small and with low definition monitors (also due to the very close elements). The modern trend suggest not to have gradient or glossy effects. In some way the M look like the Motorola logo. The mesh part is very inflated and use also in chemical.

As personal feeling it looks and old stile logo common in the earlyer year of the web.

@thepoweroftwo I like the different math of the M with the omniwave. Easy and clear, Maybe and outline of the M will help the overlay of the two elements.


Don’t worry if you don’t like it, I don’t like it, I’ll throw it out the window … :joy:

I take into consideration everything you have suggested. Thanks @wakareva
I ask you a question @wakareva , what do the icons you propose represent?
Except the one with the two radio waves and two antennas which in my opinion has nothing to do with Meshtastic.

If you look carefully at the original meshtastic logo it has enough character.
For example, in the middle it has the key which represents encryption, below it has legs to represent people, and above it has radio waves to represent connection, it has green color to represent nature.
The original logo has more character than my logo and all those represented by you. … I know that it is very difficult to make a logo that represents everything but if we continue to express ideas we will arrive at a good conclusion.

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Thanks for the suggestion @xhabit
I think your suggestion are the right Key to make a representative logo.

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The current logo is a standard icon from here

And it is an icon of an antenna, as the name of it suggest. That’s why I’m proposing to have custom icon/logo.