Message UI look

I was playing with the Meshtastic app to learn Kotlin and material design. I changed the Message UI
to be more like other messaging apps I use (WhatsUp and Telegram). Let me know if you like this better than the current one, I can send a PR out.


This is looks sharp. If there are more than two nodes, do they continue to get different colors or shades? Can the time stamp be slightly smaller? I’m just nitpicking and I know just about nothing wrt ui work, but this really looks nice.

I really like this. With the material design elements, it’s a lot more consistent messaging apps in the Android platform.

Thanks for the feedback! There are really just two colors/shades - one for messages from myself, another for everyone else in the list. As for the timestamp, I agree it looks long… I’ll display just the time then.

I would go a bit smaller font as well. I really like the style.

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Looks awesome! Would love a PR!


I think the font looks large b/c I made my phone use “Large fonts” :smiley: .

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