Dark theme color ideas

dark theme is cool. but I strongly recommend changing the purple (pink) color to green like checkboxes.


I think your eyes are most sensitive to green and that is the colour that will most quickly destroy night vision. Keeping the colour as close to red would be the best option for dark/night mode. Astronomers use red lights when out in the field to preserve their night vision as best as possible.

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I think it should be the logo green just to maintain branding consistency. I do like the purple though.

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I agree with you. then it is necessary to make the checkboxes red. from the point of view of beauty and design, the fewer colors the more beautiful and professional the application looks. and yes, red is the most practical color at night in the forest for example

I thought this would get more action down the road if it was its own topic regarding the android app.

And it cleans up the testing thread a bit.

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