Change internal nodes settings over the air

It would be very useful for meshes to introduce a way to send commands to LoRa repeaters in order to change internal settings, enable/disable deep sleep/GPS/BLE, etc. Repeater nodes may be located in inaccessible places or sealed in weather-resistant enclosures and a remote programming function would certainly be a valuable addition.
The network maintainer could then address the specific node using its unique ID and program it or retrieve info in case of malfunction. OTA may not be supported due to the low data rate, but flexible settings would surely be an extra.


Or a message that says “Hey, wake up your wifi radio for an OTA reflash”.

I concur, this would be a major enabling technology for repeater nodes in really interesting locations. Or, you go the brute-force route and just put two units in one case (they’re cheap, after all) and have one running some software other than Meshtastic, and use it to reflash the other.

I’d advise against having two uC on the same board, we need to keep power consumption low for solar-powered nodes. The commands can definitely enable or disable WiFi/BLE and then allow OTA reflashing using a password. Such feature depends on whether nodes in the mesh will have a unique ID or not.