Can't connect to device - Web


i can’t connect to my t-lora v2.1-16 with version 1.3.34

when i try to add it on http://meshtastic.local/ or on its ip addr. then it never gets further than that in the picture.

I have connected it to my wifi and I can access it through meshtastic cli

Does anyone have a suggestion

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Give it time. It takes a while.

The next webui release should fix this issue, there were protobuf changes that on not reflected yet.

I will try with the new version 1.3.35 and see if that fixes it.

I have been trying to connect for 30 min. without anything else happening

Yeah there was a protobufs mismatch I caused, it is fixed in 1.3.35 I tested it last night.


When I try to connect to meshtastic.local now I get this page??


I am running version 1.3.39.ddc3727
I have tried to update and I have tried with a fresh installation.

Some ideas?