Battery for TTGO LORA32 V2.0

I just learned about Meshtastic from Andreas Spiess’ video This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for ages.

I bought a couple of “2Pcs TTGO LORA32 V2.0” modules about a year ago. I’ve not used them for anything until now. I managed to flash them with Meshtastic and they appear to work. The “2Pcs TTGO LORA32 V2.0 listing” says that the working voltage is: 1.8~3.7v. Can I connect a 1S LiPo battery (4.2V) to the battery terminals or is that going to blow the module up?


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Hmm - I bet it would be fine. I’ve used similar lipos with the Heltec devices (which seem to be a clone of hte TTGO LORA32 boards - or vis versa?). But I’m not absolutely sure.

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I went for 18650 holder (in price of 1-2 EUR) and 18650 battery based on my choice and preference. You can even purchase 18650 with soldering terminals.

PS: to keep IPX7 or similar protection level for wearable I’m playing with idea to utilize Qi wireless charging and sealing the box - hence soldering makes lot more sense than battery holder…

I just got feedback on a LILYGO video That a 4.2V battery should be ok

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thinking about different battery possibilities for my LORA32 V2.0 Boards, too.

When connecting either a 1S LiPo or a Lithium 18650 will they be correctly loaded when attaching 5V via Micro-USB?
Or is there any danger?