App doesn't seem to work on a Xiaomi Redmi Note2


I am trying to run the v.0.9.90 app on a Redmi Note 2 (MIUI

I can pair my T-Beam with Bluetooth but after that the app says my device is disconnected or sleeping. All text input fields are greyed out and do not receive any input.

f/w: 0.9.3, 1.0 and 1.1.0 (alpha)
T-Beam V1.1 w/ NEO-6M
EU433 Mhz

Hmm can you:

  1. Force quit the app (in Android settings)
  2. Launch the app (make sure the display is on for the device)
  3. Go to the settings page in the app and see that the device is selected (also see that app isn’t putting up a warning that it needs location access)
  4. Click report bug
  5. Send me a note and I’ll check the Google console and let you know what I find.

Thank you for your swift reply.

I did a bug report before this post and I have now followed your instructions and submitted a new bug report (and a duplicate after a second force quit).

When I go to the settings page I each time see a pop up warning that I “must turn on (high accuracy) location services in Android settings” but I have already done that and when I did my first force quit the Meschtastic app asked for Locations access.

Unfortunately I only have this one Android device to test with.

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Ok. That warning definitely means that somewhere in Android settings location permission is denied to the app. And without that permission Android won’t let us talk to ble devices. I’ll take a look at the report and send you a note tonight.

Alas. I didn’t get to look at your report because a wildfire got really close to our house so we were evacuated. Back at our (not burned down - yay) home now and I’ll take a look tonight.

hmm - I haven’t received the report on crashlytics (which is where I get the bug reports). Do you know if your phone has “google play services” installed? I try not to depend on it, but I’m thinking that crashlytics might use it - which is why I haven’t received your report yet. Also, some of the xiaomi phones supposedly block access to the crashlytics servers?

Alas though without this log I don’t think I can debug/help with this problem. Would you be able to run “adb logcat” to get a log (this is the same as the log that crashlytics but with even more detail)? You can pm it to me. I just googled to find a tutorial and this one seemed okay: