'admin' channel question

I have four nodes setup in my mesh.

One node has an ‘admin’ channel configured and
the other three nodes have the same ‘Private1’ channel configured. The ‘admin’ and ‘Private1’ channels have different PSK’s.

Can the ‘admin’ node control the other nodes?
(Spoiler… It does… Not sure how/why)

Which exact firmware version are you running? There were some versions where this indeed was possible, but this should be fixed by now.

TTGO T-BEAM firmware 2.0.20

Android app 2.0.20

All my nodes are the same. T-Beam version 1.1

Did you scan the same QR code on all the nodes?

No QR code scanned.

The three nodes with the ‘Private1’ channel were configured with the CLI. I used ‘simple27’ for my PSK.

The ‘admin’ node was also configured with the CLI, but the PSK was randomly generated once I issued the ‘–ch-add admin’ command.

I was using the Android app and connected to the ‘admin’ node. I was testing public functions with the mesh by passing messages and requesting positions. I noticed that I had admin functions over the other nodes. I tested and was able to reboot the other nodes.

I then switched my Android app to a different node with ‘Private1’ channel configured and I didn’t have admin functions over the mesh.

I can’t replicate this. I captured the logs when trying to send the reboot command using the Android app to a node that doesn’t have the admin channel with random PSK. It showed:

No suitable channel found for decoding, hash was 0xf2!

Which is expected.

Can you confirm the other node really doesn’t have the admin channel with meshtastic --info?

It might also be that your node crashes instead of really reacting to the reboot command, but then there would be another problem.

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Same on my end, I can’t replicate this.

This might be an operator being mis-informed/clueless.

Node a295 is my ‘admin’ node. I am connected to it in my Android app.
When I select node 20bc, it gives menu options to reset (and other admin functions), but it doesn’t work (retested after reading replies of this post).

I think during my initial testing, perhaps the node just reset by coincidence thinking I did it with the admin function.

Everyone, thanks for your assistance!! Still learning meshtastic from all angles.

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