3 Nodes, 1 Connected to MQTT, Multiple Repeated Messages

I’m not really sure what’s happening! I’m using the latest Meshtastic App for Android and Heltec LoRa V3 boards.

I have 3 nodes on my mesh. Each has a unique name.
1 node is set to send/receive to the MQTT server. The other two nodes are not.
Every node can talk to every other node.

I sent a message on the default LongFast channel (0) on December 29, 2023.
Every time I reboot a node, or connect to it, that same message gets sent out via MQTT, even though I’ve sent multiple other messages prior to and after that particular message.
I also receive the same messages from other users multiple times.

I’ve been told the public MQTT server is too busy and is overwhelmed with the amount of traffic running through it and that’s why my messages, and the messages from others keep repeating.

I was told to try connecting to the LongSlow or UKWide channels and that will fix it.

I’m not sure how to do that!

If I go to the Radio Configuration setting in the Meshtastic App and go the the Channels menu, I can click the “+” button to add a Channel, but I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to do. Surely that’s only creating a new channel, not a connection to a different MQTT server?

Do I go to the MQTT setting instead? What do I change there for the “LongSlow” or “UKWide” servers?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Changing the channel to something else than LongFast will actually do the trick. It will be the same MQTT server, but on a different channel with much less traffic than the default one.
To change to LongSlow, just change the LoRa modem preset. For “UKWide” do you need a channel password, maybe there’s a QR code for it? Else try only changing the name from LongFast to “UKWide”.

Thanks… I’ll try your suggestions.
I assume I have to do that on all the nodes in the local mesh so that they continue to talk to each other?

Changing the channel name can be done only on the MQTT device, providing you use a fixed LoRa channel number.

If you change the modem preset, you’ll have to do that on all nodes.