1.2.28 android app up for alpha testers

The reset and lock button dont appear to be working on the channels screen any more.

This is my first multi channel node, maybe that has something to do with it? I added an admin channel via console. Confirmed --dest works between the nodes.


I have crash when I wake up the node (middle button on tbeam) then I go to the message tab. I got this on two (node +phone). Just after it reconnect to bluetooth

It is not every time, I got it twice per devices.

I am not really sure how to reproduce it.
(Btw I sent the crash report)

Hello, just did a few tests. a few messages went through MQTT gateway from a second team and a team that was connected to my wifi. After a few tests, the team that was not connected to wifi did not send through MQTT. Love the map and this new functionality. Great work!

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Can you post a screen shot of --info and a --dest command that works. Mine always seems to time out. Just wondering what may be different in my setup.

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I put it in your other thread Admin channel timeouts and unresponsiveness - #9 by Havealoha

I posted a debug log. It seems that after a certain unknown amount of time i can no longer receive messages on the phone but they show up on the tbeam screen as received. if i go to the settings page on the app, and click None (disable) radio button then reconnect to the tbeam using the other radio button, the messages that were on the tbeam screen finally make it to the app.

All t-beams have a battery and are plugged into power all the time.

Phones: pixel 3a and pixel 4a

b8b8 and I have done a string of tests over the last couple days on our mesh and are having troubles even getting messages across. I feel like things have started breaking since 1.2.2x but I can’t narrow it down to a single thing… and once I think I have narrowed it down, it starts working again.

Anyone else notice a lot of missing messages or is it just me? Maybe there is a bad config on one of my nodes. Maybe I’m just going crazy.


I thought it was just me. I have an 8 node network and just when we want to do our best at showing it all working, we have nodes miss messages.

We use longslow as the intention is to cover a large territory, but I am seeing the enthusiasm drain when messages to all seem to not always make it to all, even when they’re standing next to each other.

I can’t say if this was a difference since 1.2.2x, but we all got started around 1.1.50.

This may also help explain the randomness of getting any admin commands to –dest to work reliably.


I’m somewhat glad that it’s not just me.

Troubleshooting intermittent issues is frustrating. Especially ones that only seem to appear when the nodes have been running for many days. Memory leak? Not waking from sleep? I’ve been looking at serial debug logs but haven’t been able to spot anything yet.

I think I’m going to roll back to 1.2.11 and see if there is an improvement.


Chiumanfu sent me a message at 4:49pm today. It showed up on my t-beam screen but did not show up in the android app until after I toggled the connection on the settings page to none then back to the node. The message then appeared with the correct time stamp of 4:49pm

i received “ack test 2” message from Chiumanfu on only one of my devices and they are sitting right next to each other. Something is wrong. I think the multichannel support is what did it. I can see MGM is online now.

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I think I will do the same because since last updates I lost a lot in stablity but like Chiumanfu said it is intermittent issues. I will go for 1.2.17 my first firmware. It was really stable. I will come back to alpha right after.
For now my issues are :
-Lots of missing messages ( especially the ones that should wake up the node from sleeping)
-toggle bluetooth off/on for the phone to reconnect. before 1.2.2X bluetooth link was stable.
-after changing chanel, I have to reboot the device (perhaps it’s the way it should be?)

btw : really thank you for all the work, everyone working on the base firmware, meshtastic web, app, plugins. I first saw GoTenna years ago.I thought it was something really really cool, but it cost too much. And now you allow me to play with something better and cheaper.

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OK i just finished some quick testing after leaving 2 of my nodes running overnight.

The node running 1.2.10 can send and receive messages fine. Messages from a 1.2.28 node show up on the 1.2.10 node and the 1.2.10 node shows acknowledgement checkmarks after it sends a message.

The node running 1.2.28 can send messages but does not receive messages that show up on another 1.2.28 node. No acknowledgment checkmark is shown on the 1.2.28 node.

Both nodes show every message on the actual t-beam LCD so somehow the message isn’t making its way to the android app on 1.2.28. As I’ve said previously, toggling the connection on the 1.2.28 node then allows the missing messages to get transferred to the app.

It looks like only the last 3 test messages got transferred to the 1.2.28 node after toggling the connection, not the original “test” message sent at 5:24am.


I received “test 6” on the screen of my node but none of these messages this morning made it to the phone. Even after a BT reconnect. The phone was sitting beside the node the whole time.

what firmware were you running? Maybe downgrade to 1.2.10.

Btw thanks for all the (painful) hunting y’all are doing on this. Sorry I’m away this week. I’ll work earnestly on whatever this problem turns out to be (next week alas)


It’s all good. There is a reason these releases are alpha :slight_smile:

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The problem remains that the Bluetooth connection is disconnected after a few minutes in the app. Even when I send a message, the Bluetooth connection is not restored. I have the device Lora V2 2.1.

for me the bluetooth connection stops while the device is asleep. I’m getting around this by powering my tbeams by usb so they stay on all the time or going into advanced and setting sleep to 5 seconds or as low as it will accept. As long as they are on at same time and within range my messages go through. Just using the app so far. Probably a better fix possible if I used the more advanced tools

When you send your text message (while the device is sleeping):

  • Does the icon in the upper right have the uparrow (indicating that sent messages will be queued until the device next checks in)?
  • If you wait a few minutes does the message eventually get sent (i.e. in the text log the icon for the message changes from a up arrow cloud to a checkmark?