Work Serial Plugin on 1.2.65?


Could it be that this module dont work?
Have a T-Beam 1.1
RXD 35
TXD 15
Ground Connect
Baud 38400 8N1 on my Serialadapter
Echo on
Modul on

this command not work → meshtastic --set serial.baud baudDefault
from cli i got: UserPreferences does not have an attribute called serial.baud, so you can not set it.

And for meshtastic --set serialplugin_mode (int) i cant finde a documentation.

hmmm :slight_smile:

br Arnold

ok the tx/rx port on T-Beam show me some informations…but the serial Plugin nothing…

//\ E S H T /\ S T / C

??:??:?? 0 booted, wake cause 0 (boot count 1), reset_reason=reset
??:??:?? 0 Filesystem files:
??:??:?? 0 /prefs/db.proto
??:??:?? 0 /prefs/radio.proto
??:??:?? 0 /prefs/channels.proto
??:??:?? 0 /static/workbox-4ee7f24a.

Hi Arnold (@MeinOfenBrennt)

I am also very interested in the using the serial interface, so I will follow this discussion. However why not try getting it to work at the default speed, before changing the speed?



Today i testet some things…
First I thought if i send over serial i got a message in the display of my T-Beam or in the Android-App but this is not so.
Im not the softwarespezialist and i don’t testet this yet, but i think wenn you send over serial pins 15/35 from one node to other nodes you get only the text out of the serial pins 15/35 an not in the display…

I changed the code in the file “SerialPlugin.cpp” from

//SerialPluginRadio::SerialPluginRadio() : SinglePortPlugin(“SerialPluginRadio”, PortNum_SERIAL_APP)
SerialPluginRadio::SerialPluginRadio() : SinglePortPlugin(“SerialPluginRadio”, PortNum_TEXT_MESSAGE_APP)

and then i got the message in the display from the other nodes and in the androidapp on the “All” Channel

also i changed in the same file “SerialPlugin.cpp”

Uncomment the preferences below if you want to use the plugin
without having to configure it from the PythonAPI or WebUI.

radioConfig.preferences.serialplugin_enabled = 1;
radioConfig.preferences.serialplugin_rxd = 35;
radioConfig.preferences.serialplugin_txd = 15;
radioConfig.preferences.serialplugin_timeout = 1000;
radioConfig.preferences.serialplugin_echo = 1;

Connection settings

i think it shoud also work with an arduino.


Thanks for your efforts and information. As most end-users would not like to modify and compile software, in order to create a suitable firmware, I believe it would be optimal if the downloadable firmware would:

  • Input: Always listen on the serial port, i.e. SerialPlugin is by default enabled.
  • Output (i.e. received data) is output to the display, the Mobile App and on the serial port. This would then without further configuration support all usages.

Best regards