WIFI password starting with 0

I’ve been playing around with Meshtastic for a few days now.
What struck me is that the wifi password cannot start with a zero.
“Exception: none-hexadecimal number found infromhex() arg at position 0”
Has more people noticed this?
Thank you.

Never seen that, how long was your password?

Where did you see this error?

The password is 11 characters long, but the same happens with a shorter password.
The error is visible in the Windows terminal.
To be complete:
OS: Windows 11
Phyton: 3.10.5
Meshtastic Flasher: 1.0.106

Sorry guys,
It looks like to be the combination of “0x”" which is not accepted as a password.
I’m no expert, but this just happens to be the hexadecimal prefix. Could that be the reason?

Seems likely, firmware is c and the data type is bytes

AFAIK, the underlining routines might accept password as string or longish hex-number so that the password can contain special chars as well. I think I have seen this in Linux-world quite often in WIFI config files. You can have a password starting with zero if you present it in hex-format like 0x30…

Looks to be this line Meshtastic-python/util.py at d11fb47734415b123f999e24f11c0b14be06e424 · meshtastic/Meshtastic-python · GitHub

Would placing quotes around the string fix the problem?

If the string with quotes gets passed in fromStr then the string does not start any longer with 0x, but the password has then quotes as well - most likely not wanted. So, if the password starts with 0x it needs to be coded in hex format like 0x307831323334 represents string “0x1234” as taken from ASCII table