Unnamed name & GPS

Hi all
I have nodes:
tbeam v1.0 neo m8n & lora32v1
code 0.7.11
app 0.7.93

I charged the battery and installed the T-beam node in the car and thought that I would see this node on the map via phone and lora32v1, but this is not so.

Is it normal that without registering and setting the GPS name, the coordinates are not transferred to the mesh network?

how i can see t-beam node on map via other node ?

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yes - you should see the tbeam from the other node. Can you confirm that you programmed the “tbeam” load on the tbeam 1.0? A lot of times people accidentally program ttgo-lora instead and this is the behavior they see.

may be i use wrong firmware,
on board desc: t22_1.0
i flash firmware-tbeam-EU433-0.7.11.bin

my debbug log:
booted, wake cause 0 (boot count 1), reset_reason=reset
I2C device found at address 0x34
axp192 PMU found
Meshtastic swver=0.7.11, hwver=1.0-EU433
Setting random seed 1655446190
Total heap: 265076
Free heap: 215760
Total PSRAM: 4194252
Free PSRAM: 4194252
chip id detect 0x3
Detect CHIP :AXP192
OUTPUT Register 0x5f
AXP192 Begin PASS

SRC REG:0xcf
Charging enable is enable
Charging target-voltage : 0x2
end when the charge current is lower than 10% of the set value
Charge current : 1000.00 mA
enable [0x40]val:0xdc
enable [0x41]val:0xff
enable [0x42]val:0x3b
Read RTC time as 1 (cur millis 1478) valid=0
Connected to UBLOX GPS successfully
RadioConfig reset!
Installing AES128 key!
Initial packet id 376351375, numPacketId 4294967295
Loading saved preferences
Loaded saved preferences version 10
Installing AES128 key!
NODENUM=0xabdde420, dbsize=3
JOINING WIFI: ssid=geeksville
Starting meshradio init…
Set radio: name=Default, config=3, ch=2, power=23
LORA init result 0
GPS fix type 0
Ignoring invalid GPS time
New GPS pos lat=0.000000, lon=0.000000, alt=0, pdop=0.000000, heading=0.000000, sats=0
Battery 3745mV 40%
sending owner !2462abdde420/Unknown e420/?20
Update DB node 0xabdde420, rx_time=0
old user !2462abdde420/Unknown e420/?20
updating changed=0 user !2462abdde420/Unknown e420/?20
Adding packet record (id=0x166eaa92 Fr0x20 To0xff, WantAck0, HopLim3 Payload:User)
enqueuing for send (id=0x166eaa92 Fr0x20 To0xff, WantAck0, HopLim3 encrypted)
Starting low level send (id=0x166eaa92 Fr0x20 To0xff, WantAck0, HopLim3 encrypted)
Transition powerFSM transition=boot timeout, from=BOOT to=ON
Setting bluetooth enable=1
Pre BT: 203056 heap size
Starting bluetooth
*** Mesh service:
Completed sending (id=0x166eaa92 Fr0x20 To0xff, WantAck0, HopLim3 encrypted)
GPS fix type 0
Setting RTC 1445126401 secs
Read RTC time as 1445126401 (cur millis 12296) valid=1
Battery 3751mV 41%
GPS fix type 0
GPS fix type 0
Battery 3753mV 42%
GPS fix type 0
GPS fix type 0
GPS fix type 0
GPS fix type 0

and i found bug in App : my MiBand3 cant connected when use Meshtastic App :slight_smile:

maybe bug? if power on, and reset i see log
1st start - log say GPS Ublox connected
2st and 3st - ERROR: No UBLOX GPS found, hoping that NEMA might work
4st - GMS ublox connected

Can you elaborate a bit? Google tells me that that is a bluetooth watch band. True?

Apps don’t have exclusive access to bluetooth in android - so multiple apps should be able to talk to multiple devices. What phone do you have?

i have huawei p30 lite , android 10, miui10 (no root)
When paring with meshtastic board , my App MiFit lost connection.
after unpair meshtastic and reboot android - fit connect ok.

alas - I think that means the p30 ble implementation probably has a bug. :frowning:

Android apps connecting to BLE devices shouldn’t prevent other android apps from connecting to different devices (there is no API to allow apps to do this)

But can you do this operation, see the loss of connection to the mifit occur and then click “report bug” and send me a private message with the time (UTC) that you do this. I’ll take a look at the logs and see what it looks like.

okay, i will try bug and send message tomorrow.

about “no coordinate” gps from t-beam n8m (t22_v1.0) how i can do?

new bug?
after 2 hour power on (lora32 (home) + tbeamv1 (install in car)) on display i see duplicate messages of joined mesh node on home node.

when i discharge battery on T-beam , and plug USB for charge - log say about 3140mw - its problem apx chip? or need calibrate battery?