Unable to get API commands to work

Hello, hope this is simple. I have been able to connect to the tbeam and send text with the example. But no other commands will take. If I try meshtastic --info I get an error below. Any tips?mesh error

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What version of the python script are you using and what OS are you on?

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I think you are trying to run the meshtastic command line tool from inside of a python shell. You should be able to run it from your standard OS shell.

(Python syntax is different. See the readme for an example of using the code in python)

I am on windows 10, I have updated with the pip3 command. So I assume I am on the latest version. The meshtastic.SerialInterface() connects me to the device.

I am indeed trying to run from the python3.8 shell. I am able to run the pip3 update from my powershell, but anytime I try to execute any of the meshtastic commands it tells me the term meshtastic is not recognized. I am very new to python and assume I am just doing something wrong. Any advise is welcome.

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pip3 installs two things:

  • the meshtastic python library for use from inside of python (which you can access via “import meshtastic”)
  • a “meshtastic” command line application (for use from your OS shell) which is normally installed in “bin” directory which is OS specific.

I don’t have a windows machine currently, but I assume that whatever directory pip3 installs bins in is not in your PATH environment variable. I suspect this will help:


Bingo, being so new I was not running the app correctly. ./ saved the day. I didnt see that until the PATH was set correctly though. Thanks for the assist.