Ultrasonic Distance

Greetings all, VERY NEW to meshtastic but I’ve read all I can in the official docs and searched here and reddit.

Use Case - River Height sensor
Distance 3700ft / 1km ish from house to river, heywhatsthat says there’s connectivity
House - Some sort of Lilygo with wifi, probably MQTT to Home Assistant
River - another Lilygo (open for discussion) on solar with

  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
    –resolution of 4 inches or less is fine
    –i2c or other, whatever works
  • Temp/Humidity/Pressure
    –Optional but nice
  • Air Quality
    –Optional but nice
  • 15 minute update
    –Maybe changeable based on trends (say water is above x and rising more than x per min, then change updates to every 5 minutes, until height trends lower then go back to 15 minutes, that logic can exist in Home Assistant)

My subdivision has a single entry via a bridge over a creek. Creek is dry or very low 90% of the time but once every couple years after a significant rain it will flood over the bridge blocking us in. When major rains happen inevitably the neighborhood facebook group pipes in “how’s the bridge”. I would like to use ultrasonic distance sensors and LoRa to check distance to water and be able to report that so people just know the height. The challenge is I cannot find module settings for ultrasonic distance sensors. Is this available, am I blind, is there an “easy way” to manually code this in for someone who doesn’t code?
Opinions encouraged, thanks.