Ultrasonic Distance

Greetings all, VERY NEW to meshtastic but I’ve read all I can in the official docs and searched here and reddit.

Use Case - River Height sensor
Distance 3700ft / 1km ish from house to river, heywhatsthat says there’s connectivity
House - Some sort of Lilygo with wifi, probably MQTT to Home Assistant
River - another Lilygo (open for discussion) on solar with

  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
    –resolution of 4 inches or less is fine
    –i2c or other, whatever works
  • Temp/Humidity/Pressure
    –Optional but nice
  • Air Quality
    –Optional but nice
  • 15 minute update
    –Maybe changeable based on trends (say water is above x and rising more than x per min, then change updates to every 5 minutes, until height trends lower then go back to 15 minutes, that logic can exist in Home Assistant)

My subdivision has a single entry via a bridge over a creek. Creek is dry or very low 90% of the time but once every couple years after a significant rain it will flood over the bridge blocking us in. When major rains happen inevitably the neighborhood facebook group pipes in “how’s the bridge”. I would like to use ultrasonic distance sensors and LoRa to check distance to water and be able to report that so people just know the height. The challenge is I cannot find module settings for ultrasonic distance sensors. Is this available, am I blind, is there an “easy way” to manually code this in for someone who doesn’t code?
Opinions encouraged, thanks.

I’m working on a similar use case, for hyper-local distributed flood monitoring.
Plenty of places are experiencing worse floods than were planned for, result of Govts playing down the seriousness of climate change, and so infrastructure is undersized, etc.
Did you get any responses, or perhaps you’ve made progress on another forum?
Please let us know how you went.


Over at How do I use the sensor module with an HC-SR04 sensor to measure cistern level? - #7 by N8_MonteVista

N8_MonteVista has made good progress on this. I’ve asked for an update.