"Timed out waiting for connection" in IDE

Hello all. Haven’t found exactly this trouble discussed.
I have a mesh connected to laptop(Windows) using usb cable.
While I can send message using meshtastic-cli, running python script(GitHub - meshtastic/Meshtastic-python: The Python CLI and API for talking to Meshtastic devices) from Intellij Idea fails with:

File “C:\Users\user\IdeaProjects\Meshtastic-python\meshtastic\mesh_interface.py”, line 402, in _waitConnected
raise Exception(“Timed out waiting for connection completion”)

CLI command(works fine):

meshtastic --sendtext hello --dest ‘!xxxxxxxx’

IDE config(fails):

script: main.py
args: --sendtext hello --dest ‘!xxxxxxxx’

Have no idea what to check.
Scripts themselves are OK.


works fine in IDE. The only connectivity problem exists.
P.S. same radio, same laptop, same data cable, same windows user.

If you are using 1.3 you need the pre-release CLI

I have also problems with connecting after switching from 1.2.65 to 1.3.39.
Connection now is only working with the app but no other methode like web, cmd or flasher.
Wat to do, just get the pre-release CLI? from where?
Sorry I am a complete noob in python,

pip install --upgrade meshtastic --pre

thanks :slight_smile:
but do you know is in normal that the flasher exe is not working anymore with the 1.3 version?

Never did, you can’t install the pre-release version using the win app EXE

Yes, not by default. But I copied the firmware files into the flasher firmware directory and then it was possible. But why I wanted to use the flasher is because you can quickly configure the deceives.
btw I just found that there are also alphas of the flasher… I will try them…

In the end, I have left trying to run python cli and switched to golang. Works like a charm

The configuration is different between 1.2 and 1.3, for 1.3 the most config options are in the CLI, iOS and the WebUI, the flasher just offers region right now.