T3 V1.6 TCXO variant

Hi good afternoon . I wanted to use this T3 1.6 TCXO board. But the error message appears on two of the boards. Is the TCXO variant not supported?
With the variant without TCXO it works without any problems.

Not yet, but it is currently being worked on. See: [Board]: Is it possible to add the Lilygo T3 LoRa ESP 32 TCXO? · Issue #3080 · meshtastic/firmware · GitHub

Looking at the github issue, this seems to have been merged in. I have just flashed 2.2.21 alpha but I still see the Critical Fault #3 as soon as I set the region to EU_868

The Web flasher seems not to make a distinction yet between the original one and the one with TCXO.
You can pick the one with TCXO here, it has “tlora-v2-1-1_6-tcxo” in the name.


That worked, thank you!