T-Echo without a phone?

I know the T-echo needs a phone in order to send messages normally. Has anyone added buttons, a keyboard, or a rotary encoder in order to be able to send replies without needing a phone? I would like to get a more finished product with a Q10 keyboard, like a Blackberry. Seeing that there are only homemade devices at this time, I was thinking of getting as close to my ideal solution as possible before I break out my soldering iron and compiler.

Anyone know of something like Armachat for Meshtastic, though with a case? I saw the Messenger on Etsy and it’s almost perfect, though I would love to spend less so I can order these in bulk. A stand-alone device where one can send pre-canned messages or custom ones (regardless of how slow it is to compose). Any other alternatives?

The Meshenger is the only complete option for a standalone device as of yet. Outside of that a you would have to create something yourself. You can always attach a cardKB to any device via i2c and enabled the canned message module to use it, as it’s supported.

Lillygo themselves have the T-keyboard, which is an ESP32 tiny keyboard with tiny display, bluetooth and wifi.
Just happened to come across their Aliexpress Listing which mentions the’re working on getting it to work with Meshtastic, showing a picture of it with a T-echo. Would be fun!

Don’t think it’s supported. Looks like it’s an esp32 device and you use bluetooth to connect to your device you wish to use the keyboard with.