Simple ham radio on PMR

Is possible using meshstatic using normal baofeng and cable audio?
For example free PMR bands and meybe android program to read send audio data.
Similar aprs but without licence and meshing

Audio is too big for Lora bandwidth, may be able to send clips using codec2 someday

baofeng have audio interface :wink:
no send audio.
look this APRS with Baofeng HAM Radio and APRSDriod - TheSmokinApe - YouTube
I talk about using meshstatic protocol and external walkie talki as hardware.
(or meybe create this same without cable but it would be bad for your ears , meybe in emergency situation without cable)
or look this Mobilinkd TNC3 | Mobilinkd conector tnc for ham radio.

but I ask about no licence band but PMR or ISM and mesh protocol.

I don’t think I totally understand what you are trying to do, bridge the APRS data portions and feed them into meshtastic?

I think they may be asking if off the shelf ham radios could be used instead of LORA radio chipsets.

Like old school packet radio.

I suspect the answer is no. LORA requires relativity accurate timing and frequency in addition to spreading the transmissions over a range frequencies. Old school packet radio typically used a single send and receive frequency.

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Hi Ruby,
If im not wrong in meshtastic the routing protocol is in the firmware of the lora module (you flash it in the beginning) and the app only manage the UI for the messaging and the settings.
Using Walkie talkie for mesh data communication is very interesting but I do not know any mesh implementation of it (leaving apart military products)
Would be necessary an app like APRSDroid but including the mesh routing etc…
If you find anything interesting about let me know, i’m interested in collaboration