Protocol Stack of Meshtastic

Like LoRaWAN has its own protocol stack defined, what is the protocol stack of Meshtastic Networking? I did not find any text in regarding this in detail. Although I understood that there is a LoRa(PHY) layer for different LoRa Modules (either nRF95 or SX1276/1278 etc.) which uses different sub GHz unlicensed ISM frequency, bands according to the Telecom regulation of the respective country. The Meshtastic firmware is built using RadioHead Library in C++. For the interaction between the User interface and mobile or workstation, Google Protobuf and Meshtastic API, and command Line are given there. At the MAC layer, ALOHA is used and, routing is done using flooding. On the application layer it uses the MQTT protocol. Please fill the gap if I have missed anything.

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