Process of adding custom protobuf messages to firmware

I am currently trying to add extra fields to the position module to have solar panel readings (captured through GET REST calls) tacked on to the protobuf position message. I am new to protobufs and cant seem to find any documentation for adding custom protobufs to meshtastic. Can someone point me to some documentation or tell me the high level process of customized protobufs?

What I have tried so far is making changes to the mesh protobuf header file by updating the position msg struct as well as the struct field encoding specification for nanopb. I then added the extra logic in the position module to handle the extra fields. Am I on the right track?

There is already a telemetry packet that has solar panel reading values.

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Garth said it already, look at Environmental telemetry module. If there’s data points missing we can add them. The process of editing and compiling the protocol buffers is detailed in the developer documentation, but i don’t think you’ll even need that.