Power consumption of Wisblock seems too high


I have been using the Heltec V3 boards for a while and overall have been happy with them, but have heard the NRF based chips (as opposed to ESP) are way less power hungry in the idle state. For this reason I have tried to switch to Wisblock (RAK4630/4631)… However, I am seeing even HIGHER power consumption!!

On my Heltec V3, I read about 40mW (at 3.4v supplied to the battery using my monitored power supply), on the RAK I see 25mW, it’s not as low as I hoped.

Is this expected or were my expectations off?


I have 5 Raks running, every with about 09 to 11mA.
When I remember correct, the heltec v3 about three Times that much.
Even the Lilygo’s, the lowest i saw was 22mA with Power saving on.

Maybe you are Reading the battery charging ?

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Well mine is around 7mA so I guess this is normal then. FWIW I have it in router mode with all the power savings on as well.

Power saving is for esp32, on a nrf it does nothing unless you are in the tracker or sensor role.

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