Offer to be a tester of Meshtastic in New Zealand!

Hi There to the creators and community members of Meshtastic.

I am about to embark on a scholarship programme for an IoT course here in New Zealand. I was brainstorming ideas for a wireless mesh chat app and meshtastic has come up. I would like to offer to be a tester for the project. How can we go about doing this in a mutually beneficial way?

Gaurang Ambani

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Hello fellow Kiwi :slight_smile:
First you are going to need need some LoRa radios here are a few options:
Cheaper radios:

you will need add small “oled” with this too:

With the above radios you need to solder the display to the board and use an 18650 battery or powerbank. You can 3d print a case if you have access to a printer.

These are more expensive but use an Eink display and a more efficient microcontroller but lack wifi (also includes a case and battery)

Last option is from RAK wireless they are a more modular in design and generally regarded as a higher quality:

You will need to add a GNSS unit, display and battery to the rak kit

What area of NZ are you located?

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Kia Ora Dave

What a pleasant surprise. What LoRA frequencies are legal in nz matey? I am inclined to get the TTGO T-Beam setup to be honest with you.

I am in Auckland, what about you?

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Also how many will I need? Minimum 2 I would have envisioned.

Haere mai
We actually can use a few, 864-868mhz and 915-928mhz:

I have tested on the 864-868mhz myself but I think most in NZ use 915-928 as its what the TTN network uses here.
You would need 2 to start with, I have 6 t-beams the 2 with sx1278 and 4 with the sx1262, the sx1262 has noticeably better performance its a newer chipset. The 868mhz and 915mhz t-beams are the same just different antennas. The GPS antennas that come with them are not the best.

I’m in Hamilton will have to look at setting up a link with some solar repeaters.

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Cheers Dave

Great feedback! Is there more in NZ that contribute to this project you know off? Would you be keen for a zoom call sometime?

Sure few people use meshtastic in NZ I think.
Most of the development is looked after by @geeksville and helped along by a few others on here.

Sure. I will direct message you tomorrow

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Awesome look forward to it!

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This was my testing awhile back now from Ruapehu to the Manawatu. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile but we should work on a North Island link :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!

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I have reached Mt Taranaki from Raglan with an omni might also be a good location to add a link to Auckland :slight_smile:

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Could set one up at Awhitu Peninsula by the light house?

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