Need your help -- Settings (Part 2) - Roles


This is Part 2 of the discussion around settings, specifically the new concept we’re introducing called a “Role”. In the end of the day, we want modifying most settings to be for the advanced Trail Blazer and not really useful for the majority of people.

In 1.3, a Role is a device Persona that groups a number of settings and configuration tweaks into a single option. The intent here is instead of changing a half dozen (or more) different settings, you pick a role and we’ll set the right values for you.

So far, we have a few roles defined:

Client device role
The current default

ClientMute device role
This is like the client but packets will not hop over this node. Would be
useful if you want to save power by not contributing to the mesh. Could also
be useful if you know this device is poorly placed or has a bad antenna and
hopping on this device would be a waste of a hop.

Router device role.
Uses an agressive algirithem for the flood networking so packets will
prefer to be routed over this node. Also assume that this will be generally
unattended and so will turn off the wifi/ble radio as well as the oled screen.

RouterClient device role
Uses an agressive algirithem for the flood networking so packets will
prefer to be routed over this node. Similiar power management as a regular
client, so the RouterClient can be used as both a Router and a Client. Useful
as a well placed base station that you could also use to send messages.

Other roles that have been discussed is a…

“high power” role where the the device will leave everything powered on. The screen will always be on, device will never power off or sleep, gps will never sleep, etc.

“client tracker” role where the device will prioritize sending out location data and use of the gps.

What would other roles be and what settings would be used for that role?

Keep in mind – In the ideal world, a person will only ever set a role and never touch any other settings.


This is great, I wish I had the time to follow more of these ideas on discord.

I think this list is a phenomenal start. Especially including the other discussed roles; I am most likely to use high power for my testing.

Has there been any discussion at having separate modes for when powered and unpowered? I can imagine while backpacking and my node in my pack connected to power I would like all the features of a router client but if I was unplugged Client would be preferred.

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I would like to propose:

MQTT Gateway device role
Uses an agressive algorithm for the flood networking so packets will prefer to be routed over this node. The device is connected to the power grid and to a network (usually the internet) with a MQTT server. Power management is not an issue for this type of device. Useful for well placed base stations or devices that are stationary at home.


I love the idea of a client tracker! Perfect for tracking use cases. Even if some messages get dropped or missed future packets would.

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Beautiful. Will add that one.

Noki! Tobias!

Long time no see mate! How you been?

I’m fine. Just a little busy with other stuff these days. :wink:

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I am wondering if it ever makes sense to have the certain device roles like client tracker (or even extend to the range test plugin) send updates at greater than 25% channel utilization? Over 50 seems to definitely be detrimental but maybe a limit in the 30s or 40s might be nice.

Different device roles seems like the best way to experiment with these sorts of channel utilization limitations to give the best experience.