multicast and LoraWan

Hi, It’s very interesting with Meshtastic, I have some questions
there is multicast, i.e. a message that goes out to all devices? there are some examples of how fast it can reach all devices if the communication is good.
Is it possible to combine with a LoraWan stack so that it can take commands from, for example, the existing LoraWan network?

There is a default PSK that allows for a shared group. Meshtastic uses LoRa p2p and is not compatible with LoRaWAN, you would have to bridge the networks with something like MQTT.

Hi @Loraman

Multicast: Yes, a multicast message will go out to all devices in that mesh. As for the transmission time: With a good point-to-point connection the message typically goes through in a few Seconds. With a larger mesh say 10 devices, which would forward the message, I assume 30 Seconds up to a minute.