(Mildly Important) Change in Device, Android and Python for Radio Configuration

Hello everybody!

We have introduced two new radio configurations and renamed others to make naming more consistent. While our change should be transparent and backward compatible, it may be confusing if you use different versions.

The new radio configurations are the “Medium Range” set. This would give only slightly reduced range compared to the “Long Rage” but a much improved user experience and network capacity. Those new configurations are also there to support higher bandwidth use cases that have been in discussion.

Old Short Name Old Long Name New Short Name New Long Name bytes / sec
LongSlow Very long range (but slow) LongSlow Long Range / Slow 17.09
LongAlt Long range (but slower) LongFast Long Range / Fast 24.59
MediumSlow Medium Range / Slow 95.41
MediumFast Medium Range / Fast 153.40
Medium Medium range (but fast) ShortSlow Short Range / Slow 600.00
ShortFast Short range (but fast) ShortFast Short Range / Fast 2418.37

If you do try them out and would like to share your results, I’ve made a google spreadsheet that everyone can edit. Would really appreciate any testing for these you’d be able to share.



Is there a recommend setting based off of the results? Ie. LongSlow vs LongFast?

Here is my old spreadsheet made with the Semtech SX126x calculator: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Dependence of the data rate on the link budget with the logarithmic scale:

With linear scale: