Meshtastic - Repeater

Hello and sorry for my bad english.

Is there way to create repeater to cover larger areas or overcome the mountains?

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That is what each node does as it forms the mesh.

@Damianuscz, Welcome! Repeater specific discussion can be found here: Headless Base Station / Repeater

As @GaryMortimer mentioned, each node will extend your Meshtastic mesh automatically - just pick one node, leave it powered on top of the hill, and enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Though in the queue is to add a “repeater mode” checkbox, which will optimize the sleep behavior for what you need for that sort of deployment. Also we should preferentially route using such nodes.

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This may be a dumb question but… if a “repeater” is on a different “channel” than your own unit, would it still relay the traffic. I understand that you need to be on all the same channel to communicate and to show up on the map. My thinking is that you would have a bunch of nodes set to the default channel setup around the city, then you and your party would be a on private channel to see each other but still relay your messages through the rest of mesh.


I have this same question.

This is coming in the new versions of meshtastic currently in very early alpha

Welcome to the community @javanaut.

As OI_Dave said that feature is currently under active development and testing.

To clarify, what Meshtastic considers a channel is a combination of settings, encryption key, and an actual radio frequency range. Multi channel support will require a few things that define a channel be the same, most importantly the frequency parts.

Thank you @Spor7biker. Does that mean the current repeater functionality requires all devices be on the same channel?

Yes, all devices must be on the same channel with current non testing/older firmware.