Meshtastic in conservation efforts

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Very new to Meshtastic (just ordered a couple of t-beams), I was wondering if there is any activity here in regards to using meshtastic for things like protected area management (ie ranger patrols or the like).


Jay Lorenzo


There has been discussions regarding search & rescue and remote sensors. I’d think those to board use cases would cover what you are looking for.

Even as a off grid messenger for hiking it could be useful if you setup a device or two as a repeater for areas that traditional voice radios don’t work well or are too expensive.

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Thanks for the info. We currently use an android app that records ranger gps positions, and uploads it back to their cloud instance when they have connectivity. I’m hopeful that adding meshtastic to the mix will allow patrols to identify the location of the individual rangers on patrol, but really need to get a couple of devices to see what can be accomplished.

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As this is opensource, you can design something that is much more tailored to your needs. You can be notified if a camera trap has been triggered or if somebody is operating a chainsaw. Line of site tests of LaRa are 10 miles or further. Erecting flag poles around ares you wish to protect is quite easy.

I work for Digital Democracy on a territory mapping and monitoring application, Mapeo. For some time now I’ve been thinking on integrating Mapeo with Meshtastic, to enable sending monitoring data over LoRa. But still have to present the idea to the team and get a green light to work on it (not in the near future).

Thanks for the info!

Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check out Mapeo.