Meshtastic for iphone

Hello all :slight_smile: I am new here and have downloaded the Meshtastic app to my android phone. I am wondering if there is Meshtastic app for the iphone? or perhaps one in testing mode I can download?


Thank you Garth. I tried to join in TestFlight however not accepting any new people which is fine I just would like to try it on my wife’s apple phone.

If you have the beta app can you send it to me so I can try it?


There are thousands of remaining spots, you do need iOS 15 and TestFlight installed

oh I didn’t think I could get in. I will check with the wife about it.

Hey Garth!
Question, I am connected to the device with my iPhone, but how do I change the Channel Name? Change the settings like Long Rand Fast, etc…?
thank you

There are no radio settings in the iOS app yet.

Hi, is the beta still open?

No, the app is in the app store now

I just installed iPhone Meshtastic app on an iPhone X with IOS version 16.6.1.

I, somehow, was able to connect to one device a T-Echo (BLE, LoRa, but no wifi capability) 6e9e.
But, so far, I have NOT been able to connect to any other BLE devices even I stand right next to it.

I was able to connect to 6e9e ONLY be standing next to the device, connect to it with my android phone and then generate the QR code on the Android app and then taking a picture of the Android with the iPhone and clicking on the link that was decoded.

So I tried it again with 2773 outside in the wind and it refused to connect. I tried it again with a RAK Mestastic starter kit (RAK4630/31) nRF52840 uC. I connected to it with BLE on my ANdroid, clicked on the QR code icon and then took a picture of it with the iPhone and clicked on the decoded link.

I also tried to connect to a974 (Heltec LoRa32 V3 with SHT30 soldered to i2c bus) that has bluetoot turned off and connected to WiFI. Still no success. What am I doing wrong?

BTW, the phone is in airplane mode with WiFi ON and BLE ON.

OK I just found this on Reddit. It appears that the Meshtastic app for IOS iPhone/iPads does not yet have a facility for WiFi. I assume that this is in the works… but as of 3/31/2024, the capability is not yet available.

But I still have not been able to connect via bluetooth to any other device.

You can only connect to one device at a time by Bluetooth.
Assuming all of your nodes have the latest firmware, they will show up under the Bluetooth tab in the app as available devices.

You can connect one device at a time, WiFi is not coming, you swipe left to disconnect a device.

The iOS app actually runs stable, even with the latest firmware. Compared to the Android app, you also get a lot of information about network usage and recordings of the nodes’ measurement data. The only disadvantage is that you can’t choose your own notification sounds on iOS.