Meshtastic Arduino - how to receive message

Hi guys,

I’ve started testing the Serial module in TEXTMSG mode and it works, Arduino can read and send a message via Serial.
Now I’m trying to do the same in PROTO mode with this example, I can send a message to a specific node but there are two problems:

  • The node from which the message is sent doesn’t store the message sent (from Arduino), on the app (message history).
  • Arduino doesn’t receive the message reply.

1.Is this normal? If not how to receive message?
The function text_message_callback() is not called at all. Serial and echo are enabled.

I spend time to understand and compile the protos files but I realize that this seem not necessary to use the examples, do not change nothing when I include them.
2. So what’s the use of proros on Arduino?
3. Does this library allow CLI like python?


  1. Yes, this is normal. Only one client (Arduino or phone app) can be connected at the same time.
  2. Probably you had the protobuf library already, otherwise it couldn’t be compiled. It is needed to encode and decode the packets.
  3. No, then you need to connect to the Meshtastic device via USB directly. The library is used to programmatically control the Meshtastic device.
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One more question, for WiFi mode, how to skip the arguments WIFI_CS_PIN, WIFI_IRQ_PIN, WIFI_RESET_PIN and WIFI_ENABLE_PIN from:
because when defined I will got error:
undefined reference to `_Z12mt_wifi_initaaaaPKcS0_'
I’m using NodeMCU V3.

I’m sorry, that I haven’t tried myself yet.

That’s fair enough, it may not be supported yet. Probably only the Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi is supported at the moment.