Lora Power output in dBm from Android App

@geeksville I was thinking, if it was possible to add the power management of the Lora radio chip in the android App near the box where we choose “short, medium, long” distance of the Lora radio,
I know that some lora chips are capable of transmitting different levels of power
“For example;” Low 10dBm “- 'Medium 15dBm” - Maximum 17 ~ 20 ~ 25dBm"

I know also, in the Meshtastic code there are lines of code that modify the transmission power according to the region.
I thought maybe it is possible to exploit that portion of code to change the transmission power by simplifying it in dBm units, and the possibility of adding this feature in the Android App with a box that we can touch and that shows a micro window where it would give the possibility to choose the dBm power
““I smell trouble in the air!”” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

However it is a suggestion nothing else :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
If it’s a simple thing to add I think it’s nice to have it as an option

I think some of that is set based on known limits, as in it is set to the max legal power for different regions.

This time around I’m going to stay out of the usual legal limit talk.

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Well yes, we could for example add; choose country and based on that, set the power up to the known legal limits of the chosen country.

I am always in favor of legality when it comes to radio transmissions.

For example in the EU it is a limitation for me to know that lora radios on TTgo do not transmit at maximum “24 dBm” but only “17 dBm”.
It’s nice to have the possibility of transmitting in different powers to also test the efficiency of various antennas with various power limits.
Sometimes it’s just a hardware limit but much more often in this case it’s a firmware limit.

Edit: Maybe i can start like this:
#define TX_OUTPUT_POWER_MAX 20 // dBm
#define TX_OUTPUT_POWER_MIN 10 // dBm`