LoRa distance amplifier

I’m trying to find an amplifier for LoRa modules.

I have just bought and used modules T-BEAM V1.1 and the rank of connection is about 3-4 Kms in the field.

I have also found new 868MHz antennas, 550mm long, but I need more voltage and intensity maybe in the circuit to increment the rank to at least 20 Kms.

My purpose is to create a node or big mesh network between devices in a range of 20km.

Does anyone know something about an amplifier to use it with Meshtastic devices??


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I get 20km by using a $7 moxon antenna on one end and folks have gotten >100km with a moxon on both ends. Check those out.


Are moxon antennas omnidirectional?

I have read about them and the distance is amazing (almost 100 Kms) but it seems to be needly directional communication.

Do you know something about omnidirectional antennas for 868Mhz T-Beam devices?

If you’re looking for a good omni directional, consider reputable sources like digikey… there are many on ebay or other sellers that are questionable.

Look for collinear antennas or sometimes called fiberglass antennas.

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maybe this helps

But it is important to remember that the best amplifier is the antenna.

Here is my post from another thread today regarding an amp I am testing:

I have been going the expensive route, geeze I am going to have to try these things.

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