Laser Cut Cases Interest?

I’m considering getting a laser engraver / cutter to make some cases for my radios and other projects.

I was wondering if you guys would be interested in buying any if I where to start making them for sale…

I’m not looking to get rich, mostly just want to justify the expense of the machine.

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Where are you based?

Bend, OR USA

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I am interested :blush:

Living In Canada

Yes, definitely. Let me know and I can add them to if you start selling them.

I’m definitely interested in custom sized weatherproof cases. I’ve got 4 more T-Beams on the way from China that will need some protection.

Same here, weatherproof would be great for unattended gateway/relay nodes.

Are you still doing cases?? please email me at

I’m not in the same city as the hacker space I was a member of right now, but I’ll be back there in about two weeks. If someone has laser cut design files they want me to try just let me know.