Keyboard FeatherWing as standalone Meshtastic device?

I’ve only come across this project recently, and it looks like a really neat project. However, most usage seems to be via a connected phone app.

I recently got a Keyboard FeatherWing from Adafruit, and it seems like the perfect form factor for a standalone Meshtastic device. Has anyone looked into using one of these to build a standalone Meshtastic device?

I had looked at them before, there didn’t seem to be a esp32 radiofruit available which would be necessary to make it work I think. I do think it is possible to write a plug-in that allows for messages to be sent from a connected keyboard like the M5 Stack CardKB.

So I’ve never worked with either Meshtastic or the Feathers before but… it sounds like the platform is modular and you could maybe stack this with this? Not sure if you could use those together in conjunction with the Keyboard FeatherWing though, and the radiofruit doesn’t say it’s been tested with the ESP32 feathers.