Keeps getting better and better

Just sending a big thanks to all of the developers. The 1.3 project is getting better and better with each release. I’m currently testing:

Meshtastic Android 1.3.30
Meshtastic IOS 1.3.33
Meshtastic Device 1.3.34 on two TBeams

The messaging is fast, reliable and works as expected. I think the only quirk I’m experiencing is with the IOS app. If I go out of Bluetooth range for a while, when I come back in range it won’t automatically reconnect to the TBeam so I have to manually connect to get it working again. This does not seem to happen with the android device. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if it would auto connect when coming back in range.

Great job folks!


Seconding your thanks to all the contributors!

My 1.3 testing has also been very promising as well. I have always had bluetooth issues with iOS, even on 1.2.x builds. Something makes me think this is Apple being weird with their bluetooth permissions. Wondering if there is a good way to collect logs of this behavior to better help pin down what is going on.

1.2 uses classic Bluetooth which is not compatible with the app.

This was before the 1.3 iOS app updates but hopefully using the more modern bluetooth stack makes things easier.

Any suggestions on collecting bluetooth logs from iOS?

The logs from the CLI or the apps are enough, with BLE being the transport it is what seems to be broken to the user, but a lot of these issues have been device stability.

I am going to pin pretty much all of the issues I have had on the device stability itself, agreed. These are all usually where there is a node locked up and not broadcasting any packets.

I’m excited for whatever changes are in place and maybe it will correct the Bluetooth issues I’ve had, but I’m not excited at diving back into all of the technical stuff to get everything updated, I’d rather just keep working with the version that I know.

What exactly is classic Bluetooth, and what is the newer variant?

We are using BLE now

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