Is there an Android Meshtastic API?

Is there an API for Android apps to interact with the Meshtastic app to send and receive messages and data?

I’ve developed a proof of concept on a Raspberry Pi with the Meshtastic-Python API. But in the long run, it’s way more practical for my app to run directly on the phone.

To accomplish this would I need to duplicate the functionality of of the current Meshtastic Android app, and run my app instead, or can my app just communicate with the existing Meshtastic app?

yes, there is an android API. In fact, I was super careful to only use that API to make the ‘front-end’/GUI meshtastic app. That said, it isn’t as well documented as the python API and you’d be the first user of it ;-).

It is built around an standard Android (AIDL based) service and it uses android broadcasts to communicate async data back to your app (i.e. received radio packets).

Basic docs here:

If you decide to futz with it and you have questions or problems don’t butt your head against it too much, just ping me here or on slack. It might be that you’ve found a place where it is not right.

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Thanks, Kevin. I’ll have a look, and see if I can make heads or tails of it. I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for advice.

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