How to use the “Exchange Position “ feature in the iOS app

I see the “Exchange Postion” feature in the pop up menu for a node. But to the best of my knowledge nothing happens when I select it.

Is this a working feature, if so how do I use it?

Sends you position to the other node and requests a response.

I agree that is what it should do, but when I select it, nothing appears to happen.

What is the sequence to successfully exchange positions?

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I have received position requests, but how do I respond to a request and actually see the other node’s location? Is there a tap back response or button to be pressed?

It does what it says, sends your position and requests a response from that node. You can see the positions received in the position log.

So it is in the Position log…

If I go to the node that requested my position I will see a newly updated position in that nodes positions?

I was looking for some type of direct link from the message where I could see their position and click accept and send them mine.