Home Assistant Integration

Home Assistant Integration

Would be simply awesome. I guess there are almost unlimited use cases for this but one would definitely to extent the “communication range” far beyond wifi.

So for agriculture it could be a nice thing when I can send a pump off via meshtastic and home assistant can catch this and it will actually turn the pump off (when configured in home assistant).

I also wonder if remote sensors could make use of the meshtastic infrastructure so that it can be used to send sensor data to home assistant. :spider_web:


btw - this is one of the reasons I want to add two eventual features:

  • MQTT support (and use any meshtastic node that has internet connectivity as a gateway) - because there are lots of home automation adapters that work with MQTT
  • For ESP32 based nodes, let the node use wifi instead of bluetooth. This would allow a small node to serve as a wifi to meshtastic bridge (without needing a phone or a PC)

I also run Home Assistant, and often feel like ESPHome’s WiFi strategy is a missed opportunity for a mesh that would potentially increase connectivity between devices. Of course LoRa would provide additional advantages.


Great to see fellow HA users! I just responded to an open issue requesting HA. Posting here for tracking


I’m yet another HA advocate lurking.

My focus is stability and coverage of the base mesh before I get clever.


I am personally interested in seeing Meshtastic integrate with Home Assistant (aka HASS.)

Currently, to get data from a Meshtastic Node into HASS, there are a couple options to implement:

  1. using the MQTT Integration in HASS to ingest the payload sent from a Node, which requires decoding based on the appropriate protobuf,
  2. a HASS Custom Component could be written to wrap the Meshtastic Python API, to communicate with a Node via Serial, Tcp, or Ble.

This is another thread with useful info, I think, about implementation and use case.

+1 HomeAssistant user Interested in having the 2 solutions integrated. :slight_smile:

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